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Investors have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring a Charleston property management company. If you really want to leverage a professional’s experience, resources, and network, you’ll find a company that does both management and real estate buying and selling. 

This can provide a full-service investment plan that allows you to work with the same partners at every step of the process. Real estate agents on their own will help you buy and sell property. Property managers on their own will help you lease, manage, and maintain that same property.

Why not work with a team that does both? It’s more efficient, more rewarding, and all the accountability lands at the same place.

Saving Time and Money on Real Estate Investing

The real estate market is competitive, especially now. You’ll need to move seamlessly through the steps of acquiring an investment property, preparing it for the rental market, and leasing it to good tenants. When you have a consistent team of professionals helping you through every part of the process, you save yourself a lot of time and money. There’s less vacancy, fewer surprise expenses, and a single commission to pay to one company instead of several.

When your property manager also helps you identify investment opportunities and negotiate favorable details, you’ll be able to transition seamlessly from one step of the process to the next. Your property manager will know the rental home and what it needs even before you close. All the necessary work can be planned in advance and you’ll save money by getting that property on the market faster – with less vacancy.

Creating Customized Real Estate and Management Plans

Another benefit to working with a Charleston property management company that also does real estate is that your management team will really get to know your property. There won’t be a huge learning curve when it comes to that home’s neighborhood, rental value, maintenance needs, and marketing strong point. You’ll already have seen the property with your management team, so they’ll know what’s needed to lease and manage it right away. 

This leads to a customized management plan that meets the needs of your investment goals and your investment property. No two rental homes are alike. They need different levels of attention and maintenance. When your property manager is already familiar with the home because they helped you through the purchasing process, you’re going to have a better experience.

Accountability throughout the Investment Cycle

home investmentYou can also count on more transparency and accountability. You and your management team will get to know each other while navigating the purchase process. You’ll have shared your expectations and set some goals together. This leads to more accountability and a drive to do better for you and your portfolio. 

You’ll also have an experienced real estate agent looking for ways to grow your portfolio. They’ll know when it’s time to sell, where the market is trending, and how you can leverage your current investment properties to grow your portfolio

We’d be happy to tell you about how we blend our Charleston property management expertise with our real estate experience to deliver the best possible service to investors like you. Contact us at Meridian Residential Group.

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