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Rental property inspections are an essential component to protecting the condition of your property and ensuring there isn’t any deferred or unreported maintenance. We recommend a routine inspection every three months. This allows us to keep an eye on your property without disturbing the tenants or invading their privacy. 

There’s also a benefit to our tenants. These inspections include pest control service, air filter changes, and a general check-in to make sure there isn’t anything we can be doing to contribute to a better rental experience for our residents. 

Some of our owners prefer fewer inspections, and we’re happy to accommodate. We can also do bi-annual inspections, checking on the property and getting an idea of whether tenants will be renewing their lease agreements. 

Here are some of the things we’re looking for when we conduct these inspections. 

Safety and Habitability Issues

Safety is a priority, and the first thing we look for during inspections is anything that could potentially cause harm. We make sure the doors and windows lock properly. We test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and any security systems. 

Exterior lighting needs to be bright, especially in multi-family properties where tenants may need to walk from the street or a parking lot to get to their home. We check handrails on stairs and we make sure the driveway and walkways are free of debris and trip hazards. 

Water Damage and Plumbing Issues

Water can do damage to a property faster than almost any other problem, and the sooner you catch the issue – the more luck you’ll have in resolving it quickly and affordably. A toilet that’s not flushing properly could mean a problem with the sewer line or septic system. A simple dripping faucet can turn into a major leak under the sink that causes rot and mold. 

During your inspection, we look for areas where water might be getting inside the house from the outside. Spots on walls and ceilings may indicate that a pipe is leaking somewhere. We check the floors and shelves under bathroom and kitchen sinks, check tubs and toilets, and we always make sure you don’t have any water coming in where it shouldn’t. 

Preventative and Deferred Maintenance

Rental inspections help you avoid deferred maintenance problems, so we take this opportunity to ensure there aren’t any repairs or replacements needed at the property. If necessary, we’ll remind the tenant that we want to be informed immediately if there’s a problem – even if it’s a minor one.

Everything must be functioning the way it is meant to. We check each electrical outlet, turn on all the lights, and run the appliances. We make sure the doors and windows are locking and we check light bulbs, air filters, and smoke detectors. 

Inspections Can Help with Lease Enforcement

inspectionRoutine maintenance inspections allow us to make sure your tenant is following the lease. This is a good time to look for unauthorized pets and people. We also conduct monthly drive-by inspections to make sure everything looks good from the outside. If we see any reason that we should go inside, we’ll immediately contact the tenant and schedule an interior assessment.

Make sure routine inspections are part of your Charleston property management plan. If you have any questions or need help conducting them, please contact us at Meridian Residential Group.

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