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While looking for a rental home in Charleston, you must have heard a lot of landlords stating that they want good tenants for the property. But who exactly is a good tenant? What are their responsibilities? Good tenants exhibit certain traits that you must know and practice to create a positive rental experience for yourself and your landlord.

We have dealt with several tenants over the past two decades and can tell you about the common characteristics of good tenants. Here are the top six qualities that define a good tenant.

Good Tenants Pay Rent On Time

One of the major concerns of a landlord is timely rental payment. A good tenant is the one who pays the rent on the due date, saving the landlord from the pain and embarrassment of constantly reminding them. Make sure that you also request rent receipts from the landlord and maintain them in a file.

Keep The Property Clean

Good renters take their cleaning responsibilities seriously and carry out the cleaning chores without fail. Such tenants will clean the countertops, remove the trash, and water the plants every day. They will ensure the dusting and vacuuming is done at least once a week and will not neglect or abuse the property.  

Reach Out for Repairs In Time

A good tenant will contact the landlord for any repairs or maintenance issues quickly, instead of deferring or neglecting problems, which can lead to worse damages. If the owner is unavailable, they may even reach out to the assigned contractors or maintenance specialists to get the fixes done in time, especially for severe issues like flooding or a leaky roof. 

Follow The Lease

Responsible renters make an effort to read the lease thoroughly, understand all the terms, and follow them in letter and in spirit. They will also give a move-out notice in advance and do not look for loopholes in the lease.    

Co-operate During Inspections and Showings

Responsible tenants will cooperate during inspections and allow the landlord or property inspectors to check every room, appliances, and furniture. They will answer all the questions honestly and will also try to be present during the inspections. 

They will keep the property clean for showings or even make it look appealing by spreading new table mats or bedsheets. They will be polite to the prospective tenants and share the positive experiences that they had while staying in the current property.  

Communicate Openly and Respectfully

Contact ClientsHonesty and respectfulness are all the qualities of a great tenant. Such tenants will always speak politely, even during difficult times. Landlords find it easy to trust them because they’re open and straightforward in their communication.  

Being a good tenant helps you develop a solid and positive landlord-tenant relationship. It also increases your chance of lease renewals. You can even get great references from your landlord, which can significantly help you in finding your next rental home.  

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