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Meridian Residential Group in North Charleston provides both single-family and multi-family property management in the Charleston, SC area, including in North Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, and Moncks Corner, among other cities. We provide a high standard of leasing and management services because we understand how important your investments are to you personally and financially. 

There are hundreds of good reasons to work with us when you’re looking for experienced, high-quality Charleston property management. Today, we’re focusing on a few of the things that set us apart from other property managers. 

Local, Personalized Charleston Property Management

We’re a locally owned and operated small business. Our clients get 100 percent of our attention, and we’re focused on your success. Every home is cared for with the attention to detail that we’d use with our own properties. Our staff cares about owners, tenants, and the properties themselves.

There’s no wasting time or resources when you work with us. We’ve been able to rent vacant property in as few as three days. When there’s a tropical storm heading in our direction, we make sure your property and your tenants are safe and prepared. This is easy for us – we live and work in the area, so we can get to your property quickly if there’s an emergency that requires our attention. 

Technology is a big part of how we operate, but we also understand the value and importance of a human voice on the phone when a tenant is calling with a maintenance problem or an owner has an accounting question. We’re available 24/7, and you’ll always reach one of us. 

Whether you’re buying a Charleston rental property or a tenant is looking for their next rental home, we know that real estate is an emotional investment. Rental properties build communities, and property management is about relationships. That’s how we see it. At Meridian Residential Group, we treat everyone with respect and we prioritize service when we’re leasing and managing your home.

Meeting Expectations: Communication and Resources

Every rental property is different, and so is every owner. Before we put together a customized management plan, we talk about your experience and your goals and what you want from us. Some owners like to hear from us on a weekly basis. Others only want to be called when something is wrong or a decision needs to be made. We are here to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

We aren’t a huge company, but we think that works to our advantage and yours. It keeps us agile and flexible. We can deal with any situation that arises and our owners and tenants get one-on-one attention from professionals who are knowledgeable, talented, and compassionate. We know what’s going on at your property – always.

Our resources match those of larger companies. In addition to those, our owners enjoy individual attention and intentional communication.  

Investing in Technology for More Efficient Management

We understand the importance of technology in leasing and managing your home efficiently and transparently. A lot of changes have been made by property managers since the COVID pandemic, but we were already doing many of the things that are not so important. Self-guided tours and online rental payments were all part of our process. 

Our property management software makes it easy to document everything we do for your single-family and multi-family investment properties in Charleston. Online portals are available for both owners and tenants. You can check on maintenance invoices, view accounting statements, and send messages.

Passion for Your Charleston Investment Property

property management professionalsWe’re here to do more than collect rent and manage maintenance. Our goal is to help you have a more successful investment experience, from the acquisition of an investment property to the leasing and management of that home. We have a lot of knowledge and experience built into our team, and we can provide valuable advice when you’re thinking about investing in a particular property or wondering about the rental value of your current portfolio. 

This is more than a day job for us. It’s what we do every day, and we appreciate the opportunities we have to work with our owners, tenants, and vendors. When we surround ourselves with people that share our values and our commitment to this community, it doesn’t feel like a job. It feels like purpose. 

We’d love to talk more about your property and how we can help you with Charleston property management. Please contact us at Meridian Residential Group.