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The demand for rental properties in the Charleston real estate market is continually growing. Investors are keen on buying rental properties and securing their source of passive income. However, being simply an investor isn’t enough to build a profitable rental business. You need to become a good landlord too. While that may not be possible overnight, you can undoubtedly get there sooner through constructive and consistent efforts. 

Here are a few tips to help you become a good landlord and build a positive relationship with your tenants.

Send Them A Warm Welcome Note

 When tenants find a welcome note entering their new rental space, they will naturally feel special. It will show that you are glad to have them in your house and set the right tone for a pleasant rental experience. You can also add some valuable details like where the additional appliances have been stored or where the main switch for the HVAC system is located. 

Help Them Get Settled In The Charleston Neighborhood

The tenants might not know much about the locality or the amenities around. You can mark a positive impression by helping them to navigate the area. Tell them about the famous restaurants, cafes, recreational halls, clubs, parks, community halls, or gyms.

You can also leave helpful brochures for places they can visit, like the City Hall, the Charleston walking tours, or the Charleston boat tours. The best way to introduce them to the neighbors would be by inviting them to any community gatherings. This can help them get adjusted to the neighborhood quickly.

Guide them through the process of changing their postal address or connecting them with the best utility and internet service providers. These small gestures are reflective of your thoughtfulness and responsibility.

Help Them Understand the Lease 

Many tenants find it difficult to navigate the terms of the lease. You can become a good landlord by helping them overcome this challenge. Answer their questions calmly and assist them in understanding the importance of specific terms like disclosures, addenda, and late fees.

Stock The Essentials 

Ordinarily, the tenants have to rush to the stores to buy daily essentials right after they move in. However, you can make their lives easier by keeping the essentials like toiletries, tea and coffee sachets, a few welcome snacks, kitchen countertop cleaners, or a washing soap in the home, and become a good landlord.

Add Amenities To Your Charleston Property 

Go that extra mile and add appliances that are typically required in every household, like a kettle, coffee maker, TV, or iron for the clothes. If your budget allows, add safety features like a smart doorbell, security cameras, or an emergency bell for the elderly. Consider adding amenities like a small gym, kid’s area, a small pool, in-house laundry, or a reading area if there is enough space in the house.

Be Responsive And Respectful 

Good LandlordA good landlord knows how to balance being available for the tenants’ requests and giving them their space. Of course, you must respond to their requests on time. But don’t visit the property unnecessarily in an attempt to show that you care. You might end up intruding on their personal space unintentionally. 

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