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Charleston landlords are always on a mission to fill their units as quickly as possible. Understandably so, as you don’t want to lose money due to vacancies. However, finding the best tenants can take some time. If you make haste, you may end up placing under-qualified tenants and have to suffer heavy losses in the form of future property damage, missed rents, and evictions. 

Charleston is a popular rental market, with 47% of households being renter-occupied. Ideally, your unit should get rented between 21-45 days. Nevertheless, this is not a guarantee, and you need to know the factors that considerably affect the time period in which your Charleston home will get rented. 

The Rent-Readiness of Your Charleston Home

The better the condition of your property, the faster its chance of getting rented. These days, tenants have become choosy due to the increased availability of rental properties in the city. Curb appeal, availability of modern amenities, home appliances, and aesthetic interiors are what they want to see in their new rental. 

However, since you may not always have the time to get all of this done by yourself, we recommend hiring a Charleston property manager who can speed-up the process and get the house rented faster. 

Your Rent vs the Standard Market Rent 

You need to study the Charleston rental market and analyze the current rental trends in your neighborhood to see if the rent you are asking for is in line with market rates. Overcharging increases the risk of longer vacancies and undercharging decreases the value of your rental. Take some time to understand the market and charge a competitive rent price to attract good renters. 

Your Tenant Expectations

If you want to find tenants who are ready to pay well, take care of your property, and stay for the long term, you may need to be a little more patient with the screening process. You can’t take the risk of placing bad tenants who may cause potential damage to your property but a comprehensive screening process takes time and effort. An experienced property manager in Charleston can be a great asset here as they can help you identify good tenants, who match your tenant expectations, very easily. 

Your Communication Skills

The way you communicate with your existing and prospective renters also affects the pace at which your property gets rented. Effective and professional communication, especially during the tenant screening process or rental inquiries, can help impress your tenants and encourage them to rent the place. On the other hand, if you sound arrogant or delay answering questions, your prospects are likely to drop your rental, no matter how appealing it is.

Your Advertising Strategies

Effective marketing can help you connect with a larger pool of tenants and find people who meet your requirements. You can use several methods such as referral marketing programs, digital advertising, and spreading the word among your colleagues, relatives, and friends to quickly fill the vacancy. 

Having Charleston Property Manager by Your Side

Property ManagersExperienced property managers are always a great help in reducing tenant turnover. They have a strong network and resources in the area that help them to find your potential tenants quickly. They can also provide other rental services like inspections, marketing, maintenance, and tenant screening. Based on the condition and location of your property, a property management company can take just 21 to 30 days to rent it out.

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