How a Good Property Management Company in Charleston Communicates with Property Owners - Article Banner

Communication is an essential part of effective property management, and we make it a priority. 

Our communication plans and strategies are customized for each owner. Some rental property owners like to hear from us regularly, just for the peace of mind that their property is in good shape and their tenants are taking care of it. Some of our more experienced investors don’t want to hear from us at all, unless there’s a problem. 

A good property management partner will talk to you before the relationship begins, to get an understanding of your expectations and preferences. 

Technology Allows for Real-Time Communication

With all of the tools and technology available to property managers today, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t have access to real-time information about your property and how it’s performing. You should be able to access accounting information, inspection reports, and general maintenance requests and invoices whenever you need them. 

Make sure you’re working with a management team that has invested in innovative technology. There are several good software systems that are customized for property management. It allows for online rent collection and direct deposit as well as transparent documentation. Communication improves when you don’t have to wait for a phone call; you can simply log onto your account and see what’s happening.

Communication is Customer Service

If you’re not receiving good communication from your property managers, you’re not getting the level of service you deserve. The same goes for your tenants. When you can’t seem to get in touch with your management team, what does that mean for your tenants when they have a maintenance emergency or a question about rent? 

You need to know that your property managers are communicating proactively with tenants. It leads to better tenant retention, which is directly related to your ROI. Your tenants deserve the care and attention of your property managers – and so do you.

Updates as Communication Tools

communicating via emailWe have something that’s called a Weekly Traffic Report. This is a general report to all our owners on anything going on at their property. Maybe a tenant has given notice to vacate or an insurance claim was resolved. Perhaps a plumber took care of a water heater that was leaking or three new showings were scheduled on a vacant home. When we provide all this information in a weekly report, we don’t have to call you every time there’s an issue unless you want us too. 

The idea is to communicate with you so you know we’re doing what you pay us to do. A good property management company will make sure you’re in the loop and updated on your property’s condition and performance, without calling you every time there’s something minor scheduled. 

At the very least, your Charleston property manager should be providing accounting reports and financial statements, informing you of major maintenance work, responding to tenant needs, and picking up the phone when you call. 

We’d be happy to tell you more about how we customize our communication to meet your unique needs. Please contact us at Meridian Residential Group. 

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